The Section of Documentation of the Directorate for the Agricultural Policy and Documentation collects and processes the essential data for the agricultural sector (e.g. trade for agricultural products, annual statistical agricultural research, etc), in cooperation with the Section for Statistics and the National Statistical Service of Greece.

It provides thematic maps on a Regional, Prefecture and Municipality level.

In addition, the Section collects and elaborates statistical data of plant production, in cooperation with the Section for Statistics and provides models for data input and elaboration.

It has designed the website of the Directorate, and is responsible for upgrading, updating and feeding of the site with information and data.
The site contains contains E.U. regulations, European Council sessions and Committees of the E. Commission, issues of foreign and fiscal policy, statistical data, foreign trade, thematic maps, CAP implementation information, agro-tourism, articles, studies, works, presentation of the library of the Ministry etc. The whole Directorate contributes to the feeding of the website.

The library of the Ministry is managed by our Section. The selection of the library is the biggest in the country for agricultural issues, exceeding 100,000 volumes, magazines and informative material. There are books from 19th century, publications from national and international organizations (FAO, INIA, OCDE) and from the E.U. It also contains the national legislation from 1920 onwards in a printed and electronic form. The library is equipped by the necessary librarian software, provided by the National Centre of Documentation. It is upgraded in many fields, such as proper allocation of book catalogues in accordance with the topics and titles, in such a way to make the library accessible to any interested reader.

Information: Thanassis Papoulias, tel. 210 212 5502, e-mail:

The English version of the WebSite of the Ministry contains only a part of the information that is available in the Greek version of the site.

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Useful Infromation

1540 Farmers Call Center 

The telephone number "1540" s an automatic telephone service system that is interfacing with the information systems of the Ministry and provides automated answering services.

The currently available "1540" services are:

  • Reply of the Ministry Representative.
  • The update on the single payment payments OPEKEPE (requires identification of the Beneficiary with VAT and the last 4 digits of the Farmer's Identity)
  • Complaints relating to the origin of meat.
  • Information on Greek Food
  • Information about available digital services of the Hellenic Ministry of Rrural Development anf Foods

Contact Us


Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food |

Address: 2 Acharnon,Athens, 101 76, Greece, |

Call Center: +30 (210) 212-4000 |  

Farmers Call Center: 1540 | email:  |


The address of Dir of e-Government and Informatics is: Acharnon 381 & Destouni 2,

Postcode.: 111 43, Athens.




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Υπουργείο Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης και Τροφίμων |

Διεύθυνση: Αχαρνών 2, Αθήνα, 101 76, Ελλάδα |

Τηλεφωνικό Κέντρο: +30 (210) 212-4000 |  

Κέντρο εξυπηρέτησης Αγροτών: 1540 και το email |


Η ταχυδρομική διεύθυνση της Διεύθυνσης Ηλεκτρονικής Διακυβέρνησης είναι: Αχαρνών 381 & Δεστούνη 2,

Τ.Κ.: 111 43, Αθήνα.




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